Atheist to Eric Bolling: CHRISTmas is NOT About Jesus

“Christians in this country don’t really care about Jesus! It’s not about Jesus, Christmas is not about Jesus.”

Eric Bolling was sitting in for Bill O’Reilly and took on this soulless, lunatic from American Atheists, Dave Muscato, who has no clue what CHRISTmas is about and made it very clear he doesn’t care who he offends. This has to be the dumbest statement I have heard to date in the war on CHRISTmas. It’s called CHRIST-mas for a reason and if this clown is right then I’d like to know what significance December 25th has outside of religion? If it’s not about Jesus’ birth then why do we celebrate Christmas on Dec 25th and why is it called Christmas!!!???

When did the needs of the few or the one outweigh the needs of the many? Why is such a small group, atheists, permitted to have so much power in this country? These clowns in a heartbeat will file lawsuits because their rights are being violated if any type of religious doctrine or symbol is on display where are the lawsuits against them for violating our religious rights? Same rights I like to point out are based on Judea-Christian beliefs! Yeah try putting a finger around that one, they hate religion but want their rights again based on Judea-Christian beliefs upheld!!

America you better start opening your mouth and stop being silent. Radicals at all levels and corners are winning because everyone is afraid to go up against them. This clown and his ilk need to have a truckload of Christmas trees dumped on his front lawn along with a bunch of Nativity scene baby Jesus’!