Krauthammer to Megyn Kelly: Obamacare is a “Fundamental Deception” to “Completely Demolish” American Medicine

“But actually we are now learning that not only was it known but it was intended that Obamacare would completely demolish the way that American medicine was run until now.”

This is one of those Krauthammer segments people just love because everything he says is true! Krauthammer nails obama and obamacares true intentions dead to rights! The end goal is to demolish the healthcare system so the govt can nationalize it under a single payer system and control us. Obama LIED to the country because he knew the uninformed voting class would never buy into a Canadian style socialist healthcare system. This was all cooked up by Zeke Emanuel to stealthy work in his complete lives system which will eventually lead to true death panels not just for those on Medicare but for everyone!