Hannity and Atheist Leader Battle Over Meaning Behind Christmas: Christmas is Better Without the Religion

Last night Eric Bolling had round one with the Communications Director and here is Hannity taking on the President, David Silverman, from American Atheists.

How stupid are these people to argue Christmas has nothing to do with religion or Jesus? If Christmas is just a winter celebration why is it on Dec 25th and why is it called CHRISTmas (Christ’s Mass)!?? What this really is, is a battle in the war against religion and the very foundation of our nation.

Destroy religion and our connection to God you destroy the basis of the Constitution. If they win in dismissing our Judea-Christian foundation and religious freedoms it will leave the Constitution open to be reinterpreted. You do that you destroy this country without firing a shot. So this is one of the many reasons why the War on Christmas matters!