DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz: We Give You Health Care, You Give Us Votes

This propagandist plugs stats from the failed website of 2-3 million visitors but only several thousand have signed up! Take note she said “signed” up not enrolled because she knows there is no payment system in place and is creating a protective narrative for when the media calls for numbers! She then goes on to say that demoncrats will campaign on obamacare and by all means please do especially when up to 100 million Americans will lose their health plan!

And then finally boys and girls Was-a-man Schultz couldn’t be anymore clear with the quid pro quo logic from the Hannibal Lecter party! They promise you the world, (really a pack of certified lies) the drones fall for lies in exchange for votes leaving the these criminals, these economic and social cannibals (thus the lector reference) in power!