Judge Pirro Rips Obama on His Lies About Obamacare and Illegal Aliens: Mr Obama, Are You Proud of Yourself?

Pirro as always delivered another great monologue torching the imperial emperor for his lies, deceit and failure! She also graced us by taking a great shot at that little twerp, obama’s chief minion and regime Minister of Propaganda, Jay Carney!

His majesty and the demoncrats promised one of the prime benefits of obamacare was that no one with pre-existing conditions would be denied. Pirro demonstrated otherwise when she brought up Maria Silva who is suffering from cancer and has lost her health care which is literally keeping her alive. What excuse will the radicals use to explain why Silva’s plan was canceled?

The Judge then went on to expose the regimes plans to provide healthcare to illegal aliens. Now this is the part of the show I was quite disappointed with whomever put together the video package she used. The first clip was fine but they should have used obamas 2009 state of the union speech when he spoke on this very issue. Why? This is when the crap media and democrats got their panties in a bunch because this is when obama was called out as a liar by Rep Joe Wilson!

Illegals are a huge key to this entire scam being run on the nation. His majesty knows in a move of quid pro quo he gives illegals amnesty and plenty of free stuff they will in turn vote demoncrat which will lead to permanent one party rule. That is the real end game folks, permanent one party rule with all the money power and control that comes with it!