ObamaCare Architect Zeke Emanuel: If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Pay More

I swear this guy is by far one of the most arrogant POS’s tied to the imperial regime. He like obama always passing blame, and now the blame is on the people for not understanding what they meant!? This JERK actually has the balls to sit there and try to legitimize the destruction of our healthcare system all to rein in his dream of a complete lives system.

Bronco ‘Bama NEVER said anything about premiums going up Zeke, as a matter of fact he said costs would go down $2500 on avg! Emanuel has to be the second most dishonest person on obamacare next to obama. This is just plain evil on their part now they are willfully engaged in a massive act of deception and cover up.

That said I am quite angered at everyone remaining silent about defunding obamacare in January! The left knows this thing is a failure and so does the right. I have posted that come Jan 15th funding for obamacare expires but not one person not even Ted Cruz is out there talking about defunding this obaminable law.

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