Obama Supports Iran Having Modest Enrichment Capability & Peaceful Nuclear Program

Can someone explain to me why a country RICH in oil and natural gas needs to develop nuclear energy? IF they are seeking alternative energy why not take advantage of the massive desert not being used and put some solar panels up? I mean I’m sure obama could get them smoking deal on solar panels if he is so bent to help them. Why does the US HAVE to pursue alternative energy sources and not nuclear energy but Iran can?

Yea this thing stinks and we all know no matter what obama says the Iranians are going to develop nuclear weapons under the shroud of a peaceful “modest enrichment” nuclear energy program. The Iranians cannot be trusted, they are hell-bent on destroying Israel and the US. You have heard me say this a lot and I will continue, when they have enough material for a bomb they are going to use it period!

Iran will not waste weaponized nuclear material in a test firing in the middle of the desert. A small bomb (think The Sum of All Fears size) will be loaded in the back of a truck, car, maybe a small plane delivered to a target city, by one of the many terror groups backed by the Iranian regime, and detonated. Iran will claim it wasn’t them that they are still enriching for peaceful energy. The nation targeted, most likely Israel, will retaliate (regardless of Iran’s excuses) against Iran who will play “poor me it wasn’t us” and then its all bets off at that point hello WW3!

Forget all this, would you hand a self-admitted, convicted, with no remorse, cold-blooded killer who has promised to kill again a gun because he/ she “needs it” for self-defense? Of course not yet obama and the world community are doing just that by allowing Iran to develop “nuclear energy”!