Megyn Kelly: ObamaCare Could Bring Higher Costs For Prescription Drug Coverage

Ok America not only are you losing your health plan, doctor but some drugs may not be covered or will cost more! Drugs not on a list won’t be covered increasing peoples out of pocket costs and won’t go towards their insurance! Barackobamacare has to be the biggest scam pulled over anyone in history. Every single week we learn more about this law proving the emperor is a liar, deceiver but more importantly showing he stole the 2012 election and NO ONE in DC is doing anything about it.

I am a fan of a several in DC namely Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy but they are doing absolutely nothing to stop this tyrannical destructive law. Cruz has been vindicated over the last two months but he has been completely silent about taking another shot at defunding obamacare when its funding expires Jan 15th! Like I’ve said time and again folks we are on our own.

And let me end this with a semi-cryptic message to those in brass what are you waiting for??