State Lawmakers Assemble At Mount Vernon To Discuss A Constitutional Convention

Well it looks like the plan Mark Levin explained in his Liberty Amendments is slowly starting to get some attention. We need 37 states to get on board with the convention of states and maybe slowdown this train wreck. I honestly don’t see it taking shape until way after 2016 unless something drastic happens between now and then that just enrages the states. You would think with the tyranny we are under that would be enough but it isn’t. Until people’s lives are directly affected outside of status quo the people of this nation will continue to be complacent.

The problem with waiting for that clock to wind down is that it brings us closer to the brink that by the time people are motivated to do something it will most likely be too late!

Nearly 100 Lawmakers Descend on Mount Vernon to Talk Convention of States
by Becket Adams | TheBlaze
Close to 100 legislators from 32 states met in Mount Vernon, Va., Saturday to discuss the possibility of adding amendments to the U.S. Constitution through a convention of the states.

Such a convention, as outlined in article five of the Constitution, would allow state legislatures to vote on amendments to add.

No constitutional amendment has been added this way, but some say the Constitution specifically allows for states to use the convention as a means to push back against the federal government.

Two-thirds of the state legislatures, or 34, must approve an application for a convention to occur, according to the Constitution’s article five. State legislatures would then send delegates to the convention, each state getting one vote on proposed amendments. For an amendment to pass and become a part of the Constitution, it would have to be approved by three-fourths, or 38, of the state legislatures…more