Many State Exchanges Exhibit Wi-Fi Vulnerability

Do yourselves a favor stay off all the exchanges fed & state. Some are and are not vulnerable to wi-fi hackers, but the entire system as a whole is not secure either by failure of design or a deliberate act as we saw in CA with people’s information being made available.

Obamacare is designed to destroy everything in its path to achieve fundamental transformation, the best way to beat it is NOT TO PLAY THE GAME! If we the people engage in a civil act of disobedience on a national scale by not enrolling what can obama and his cronies possibly do to 300 million people? One or two hundred, thousand etc can be controlled, but if millions revolt against this law what can the regime possibly do?

America WE the throng outnumber the elitist dots! If we all just showed up one day at their doorstep or all chose not to go to work they would learn very quickly who really is in power. You know how to fight 6 radicals, join me and I’ll show you how to engage 600!