Newt Gingrich Schools Robert Reich on Income Inequality: Every Major City Which Is A Poverty Center Is Run By Democrats

We need to push angles like this to the uninformed voting class. They need to understand their “predicament” is a result of those they continue to keep in power. Remove the left vs right dynamic and attack the people behind it; don’t say “democrats are responsible”, say Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer etc did this to you! Make it personal do not engage in political arguments because the uninformed class will go into default drone mode thinking “oh you’re just saying that because you’re a right-winger” etc etc.

Democrats have run this country into the ground the facts cannot be denied although they will try. But demoncrats cannot hide from Detroit, Chicago, Oakland CA, Camden NJ, etc etc. Large cities and even states are going into full economic and social collapse. You cannot blame the right for these failures when you can prove dems by name have held power in these cities for decades. Name the guilty parties their crimes against the people and then point out political party, but never make it about politics.

We have to change the way we talk to get the drones on our side. Their overseers have done one hell of a job keeping them down! Wouldn’t you love to see them turn on the democrats and socialists infesting this nation?!