Regime Propaganda Puppet Chuck Todd: Now That ObamaCare’s Fixed, GOP Repeal Effort May ‘Fizzle Out Completely’

The regime could have had the site working day one it still would not change the fact that MILLIONS of Americans are losing the health plan and doctor they were promised they could keep and seeing an increase NOT A DECREASE in the cost of healthcare.

For whatever reason the propagandists are focused on the website as a measure of failure or success for barackobamacare when it is nothing but a symptom of a larger problem. This law is destroying the US economy, putting people out of work and we are still in the early stages! The crap media loves to leave out the economic impact we are already seeing and feeling. I’m curious to know what deals the crap media has made with the regime to be exempt from the obaminable too?! We really haven’t heard any of them come out and say they lost their doctor or premium has doubled.

The law will not be repealed as long as dirtbag progressives infest Congress. Even if we run them all out of office in 2014 midterm elections fact remains the imperial emperor will veto the repeal. Congress still holds the owed of the purse, but that power grows weaker by the month, where they could still defund obamacare. On Jan 15th 2014 funding for the law expires, and you can be sure there will be another fight in DC. If the socialists want to threaten another shutdown let them. We learned in October at the least a lot of wasteful spending and programs were brought to a halt. We the people welcome another shutdown over obamacare especially those who were in denial the first time around!