Zeke Emanuel: The Narrative of People Losing Their Insurance Because of Obamacare Has Died Away

Mr Complete Lives System is an excellent purveyor of propaganda, like all members of the imperial regime. Americans losing their healthcare coverage has not died away because the stupid website is barely working. The 5.6 million who have been screwed no thanks to Zeke are just the first wave of millions more to come.

Bragging about a website that costs over $600 million getting a million visitors when you have Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon etc etc that do that in a few hours at the busiest time of year is pathetic. Fact of the matter remains 60% of the site is still unfinished and it is the important part! Ya know the part of website that accepts money in exchange for a service or product! So regime members can praise the stats all they want about how many visit and SIGNED UP for obamacare fact is NO ONE IS ENROLLED WITH ACTUAL COVERAGE!

Signed up and enrolled do not mean the same thing kids. If we use the regimes metrics a site like Amazon could claim everything in one’s shopping cart, favorite/ wish list etc is a sale! No they aren’t until someone pays for those items! Thee is no payment system in place so no one has a health policy under barackobamacare! God help those who have signed up if they fall gravely ill and seek medical help, because they have no policy! The insurance companies have to be paid in order to issue a policy….