Allen West & Fmr Navy SEAL Ben Smith React to Sen Schumer Plotting Against the TEA Party

Chucky Schumer like all progressives has completely taken off his radical mask. Once upon a time communists, bent on destroying the US were sought out and exposed. Today the commies are in power seeking to silence and in many cases destroy law abiding, fiscally responsible, pro-Constitutitonal Americans.

Chuck Schumer like many power elites IMO is very dangerous now. These people have no fear of using agencies of the federal govt like the IRS to target and ruin Americans lives who are simply expressing their views. I blame the impotent republican party for not standing up and taking action to put a stop to this abuse of power.

I’d like to address Chris Hahns shameless act of immaturity laughing, pointed out by Allen West, towards Ben Smith. I don’t know what it is with liberals but I have had it with the laughing and carrying on by them. If they aren’t laughing they are sitting there with big contemptuous smiles on their faces borderline rolling their eyes when conservative guests speak. If it isn’t Chris Hahn, its Jehmu Green, Richard Fowler, Tamara Holder etc etc making like anything a conservative has to say is a big joke. When you libs carry on laughing at Ben Smith, Allen West, Ben Carson, Sarah Palin etc etc understand they are representations of conservatives like myself. Let me say this to all of you, imagine me up in your face sticking my finger in your face:


What you libertards are doing has put this nation on a course to self destruction. We the people are on to all of you and a day of reckoning is coming your way if you don’t knock it off!