3 Dead in Gun Free Zone at Columbia Maryland Mall

You know that reporter was desperate to hear the Chief of Police say type of weapon used was an AR-15… uh oh it was a shotty wasn’t it! That’s what Joe Biden said everyone should use and here we are again another killing where a shotgun was used!

“The body of the suspected shooter was found near a shotgun on the floor of Zumiez, a shop that caters to skaters, police said.” ~CNN

Shouldn’t Joe Biden be held responsible for another killing where a shotgun was used? If we use the lefts logic when they point the finger of blame for these crimes to innocent parties like manufacturers and the NRA, Biden SHOULD be held responsible!

I hate that these things are called mass shootings and not mass killings. A “shooter” is generally someone who goes to the range and shoots for sport and leisure. That said is anyone in the crap media letting folks know that this mall is in a Gun Free Zone or what the criminal element like to call a free killing zone?

code of conduct

No of course not instead we will hear from the likes of Piers Morgan and countless gun grabbers that more restrictive gun laws are needed. These anti-Constitutionalists will undoubtedly blame gun shows, owners, manufactures and last but not least the NRA for the actions of one person.