Medicaid Subscribers 55+ Avoiding Obamacare BEWARE States Can Seize Your Assets to Recoup Costs

This is a perfect example as to why you need to read the fine print and another piece of the puzzle connected with obamacare to redistribute wealth. If you are 55 or older, have assets but low-income which qualify you for Medicaid instead of obamacare be warned a good chunk of your fortune will go to the govt when you die! IMO I think the costs and fees associated with obamacare were deliberately made high for a multitude of reasons. Whoever wrote obamacare knew about the Estate Recovery Mandate from 1993 and that people would jump to Medicaid to avoid the high costs of obamacare.

One way or another the government will get your money under obamacare or from those trying to avoid it 55 and older under this ’93 Medicaid mandate that was tied to the omnibus bill. Why no one is Congress brought this up is not surprising since none of them read the bill. Make no mistake about it barackobamacare will redistribute all you rich people’s wealth one way or another!