Sen Sessions: Data Shows Immigration Bill Will Hammer Working Americans

Sen Sessions is one of the few in DC who is standing for the people against ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY because he knows what it will mean to working Americans. The ruling class won’t listen to reason, they want cheap imported labor! The economic effects of amnesty will put the final nails into the US economy. Obamacare has piled on our already weakened economic system while the imperial emperor along with his elitist ruling class continue to take actions that only dig the coffins hole deeper. ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY must not pass and what is bad about the entire debate is that it is the republicans who are forcing it on the nation with the demoncrats help. They are starting again with their lying rhetoric that something has to be done right now! Why right now? This nightmare has been going on since Congress put one over on Pres Reagan, what is the rush at this point? If these monsters in DC really cared the talk on immigration they would be having right now would be about securing the border. They don’t care about the border, nor do they care about you or me. This is all about securing votes to stay in power!

Once upon a time this nation had a quota system to prevent one ethnicity from flooding the country.. which is what is now happening. They also expected those entering the nation to come here having something to offer to better the nation. But now DC elitists are bending over to hispanics at an alarming rate who contribute nothing to the nation. Sorry if you think low-skilled jobs landscaping, housekeeping, general labor is something exceptional that we need you are wrong. There ARE Americans who want jobs but ILLEGALS HAVE DRIVEN WAGES DOWN in those fields elitists claim “Americans don’t want”. Oh no they do, they just cannot afford to live on the artificially created low wages which are a result by the very presence of illegals in our country. In other words companies pay illegals less than they would normally pay an American worker! Let me be clear what I am talking about has NOTHING TO DO WITH obama’s claims of income inequality. Companies hiring illegals pay them less because they bend rules on how they pay these people. Do you think employers are pulling out Social Security, Federal/ State taxes, unemployment etc out of Jose or Juanita’s pay? No, so they get paid less! Also the majority of American families do not live in packs! Remember I use to be a banker so I know a thing or two… and one of those things is one of the reasons I got out of the business. I know for a fact hispanic families live together in packs and share expenses. So they can afford the general cost of living on “slave wages” because you have at least 4-6 people per household footing the monthly bills! Most Americans aren’t living with their siblings family, cousins family or other extended family members families. There could literally be 3-4 full families living in one home! Trust me I know I saw it and had every crazy deal you could imagine pitched to me by loan officers! Someday this story will be told but not now.

Americans do not live like this so they seek out jobs with an acceptable level paying jobs. They can’t afford to go work at the jobs illegals are taking because the pay won’t sustain a family of four living alone. American workers are already having a hard enough time keeping the job they’re at, finding work just getting by in this stealth depression. To allow another 20-40 million more people into this country would be criminal at this point!