Boehner Pushes For “Immigration Reform in a Common Sense, Step-By-Step Manner”

Johnny you want to do immigration reform in a common sense step-by-step manner well you can start by using that common sense to revisit the immigration laws already on the books and enforcing them! The next common sense step-by-step move you can make is securing the border, then getting a handle on who should and shouldn’t be here on visas (especially the student visas which are being abused).

These clowns in DC are not listening to the people and are going to ram ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY through. They are not considering the economic impact, a catastrophic effect, amnesty will have on the nation. This isn’t 1986 the game has changed people are desperate, our enemies are emboldened, passing amnesty will be like a rush of people through the front door of Walmart on Black Friday!

We have 100 million Americans out of work right now and that number will spike if the flood gates are opened to illegal aliens and their families. Forgot about that didn’t you! It’s not just the 20+ million ILLEGAL ALIENS here it’s their families too who will be allowed in which will bring the number to 40+million additional “mouths to feed”… WE CANT FEED OUR OWN! The economic and social entitlement systems were never designed to handle so many people on the govt tit! This will bring the nation to the brink, all for what? The elitists power grab.

That is what this is really about isn’t it Johnny? You are just looking to carve out your own piece of the permanent dependent entitlement uninformed voting class to keep progressives like yourself in power indefinitely aren’t you?

America DC refuses to listen to us. Even Paul Ryan a good numbers guy, who now turned on us, knows what I say is true of the economic impact amnesty will have yet he too supports amnesty! What does that tell you? It tells me they know collapse is inevitable and the elitists are all positioning themselves to remain standing when the dust settles. I said it countless times here I will say it again. What you did in 2009/ 10 to fight obamacare MUST BE DWARFED to stop ANY amnesty bill from being brought to the floor let alone passed. The only bill these jerks need to pass is the one that secures the border right now. Keep in mind I haven’t even touched on the risks to our national security amnesty poses to us by leaving the border wide open!