Mark Levin BLASTS John Kerry: This Man Is Not Well!

All the regime members talking about climate change only doing so to avoid having to talk about failed economic and foreign policies. The world is on fire so lets talk about the biggest scam in world history! John Kerry is a disgrace to the office he represents but I will disagree with Levin on this one. Kerry is not ill IMO he like all progressives has ulterior motive and that is the universal goal of money control and power. That is all climate change hoax is about a shift in power and redistribution of wealth. The amount of carbon emitted by the US is minimal compared to other nations… poor nations or those in the emerging markets! Countries like China and India have massive output of carbon and pollution into the environment but you never hear any climate changers in the US or anywhere for that matter condemning them! Why? Because the US has too much power and “wealth” (we are broke but sitting on massive wealth of natural resources). The end goal is to take that wealth of America and redistribute it. This redistribution opens the door for poor countries like China (they print their money at rates higher than the Fed) and India to take center stage as new industrial powers while the US collapses into a third world nation equal with the rest of the world.

When I hear Kerry and company start blasting these nations for the environmental damage they are inflicting on the planet I might consider listening to his claims that climate change is a threat to all… but a WMD I think not.