Obama: The Stimulus Worked

The stimulus worked so well:

  • there are over 100,000,000 Americans out if work/ underemployed
  • 10,988,269 Americans are on disability (majority on DI because unemployment benefits have expired for those who are long-term unemployed beyond the extended 99 weeks for UE)
  • 23,052,388 Americans on food stamps
  • 47,000,000 Americans are in poverty
  • the Federal Reserve continues to pump out $75,000,000,000 each month into the money supply inflating the stock market to new highs creating the illusion of a recovery

This is all pure propaganda from the campaigner in chief deceiving the obamarhoid drone army that the economy is sunshine and rainbows. Building roads, highways, railroads etc is not going to put the US in the black. Where are all these roads and rail lines going to take people since there are NO JOBS in the US because we make nothing here anymore?

Let me tell you exactly what he is doing here because you have seen this before. Obama’s promises to build infrastructure to grow the economy is just like the construction boom in China. Obama wants to build roads to nowhere in the US just like China builds ghost cities! It’s the same difference where govt knows the economy is in shambles as a result of money printing, out of control spending and uses the deception of building and rebuilding infrastructure as a sign of economic growth.