Sen Mike Lee Explains to Megyn Kelly Plans to Use Power of the Purse to Stop Obama’s Power Grab

Eric Holder had no intentions whatsoever to deliver any documents or notes to prove the legality of the imperial emperors executive orders he promised to Sen Mike Lee. Holder is a thug using his position to assist emperor obama to ram through his radical closet communist agenda with no regard for the law. These people have absolutely no fear of anyone because they have been allowed for far too long to get away with “murder”.

The biggest problem in DC right now is there are not enough true conservative leaders willing to do what is necessary to hold this corrupt imperial president accountable. This is why impeachment is off the table and they are now forced to fight his majesty in the courts. But rebels in Congress still have one last tool the Founders provided which is the power of the purse to defund the emperor! IMO this too will be difficult to accomplish because of the radicals within the GOP. There are just a handful of them looking out for us, where as the rest, the RINO progressives, run their mouths to put on a good show for the uninformed class only to torpedo every effort by Lee, Cruz and company. We are just about out of options to stop the obama wrecking machine.