MSDNC Blames Failed UAW Vote on Racism

MSDNC propagandists must have meetings every morning along with company wide emails telling all staff to work racism into every single story. The vote failed deal with it, it had nothing to do with racism. The VW workers in Tenn took a vote and the chose not to go with the UAW. Bu that isn’t good enough for the racist network! I feel very bad for the poor soul(s) who will fall victim to legitimate act of racism because no one will believe the story when that day comes. Organized labor has run its course in America the bad outweighs the good. The workers were smart to vote against the UAW because they know what will happen after seeing what the unions have done to Detroit but all industries not just the auto industry.

I curious thugs, I mean union workers what will you do when more machines replace you? It’s coming and it’s coming faster than people think!