Glenn Beck: Russia & China Tried to Collapse US Economy in 08, History is Repeating Itself

The Blaze TV’s For the Record reported in Sept ’13 Russia & China’s attempt to crash our economy back in ’08 in which Fmr Treasury Sec Hank Paulson confirmed

With that in mind history is repeating itself but this time around obama is taking the bait from Putin now who is using tactics the US used on Russia 20-30 years ago on us!

The boy king thinks he can play tough with red-lines he will never enforce and threats of sanctions against Russia as if that will scare Putin to back off from reconstituting the Soviet Empire. If anything Putin will call his pals in China to put the final nails in the US economically that they tried to do back in 2008! We now know many of the cyber-attacks originated in Russia and China. We know Russia has threatened to abandon the US dollar as the reserve currency. We know China is not buying anymore of our debt. What happens if they pull the trigger on our currency, calling in the debt and launching cyber-attacks against our financial institutions all at once?

The petulant child occupying the white house would be the one to set them both off which would do-in our economy hanging on by a thread once and for all!