Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Go Free

Tell me again about all the horrible deportations! This is just a small example of what is really happening in the US and more proof those deportation figures coming from the regime are cooked to sway public opinion. Illegal women and children in the US are deemed a low threat to national security so DHS/Border Patrol are releasing them! So I’m curious are just men terrorists, drug dealers and criminals? Women do not commit crimes so they are set free now?! Oh and btw geniuses thanks for letting terrorists know another way to walk right into the US!

Why do the powers that be hate this country so much they are willing to degrade and dismiss the rule of law? They care more about illegals than citizens to stay in power. Illegals are the gateway to a permanent dependent voting class which will give way to permanent one party ruling class.

Americans see and hear these stories yet remain silent. There are no marches, protests, sit-ins etc against illegal alien amnesty, the invasion of the US and political hacks who enable it all. DC is not to blame America, YOU ARE! This will continue and the promises by members on both sides of the aisle to legalize these invaders is because you are too busy to stand against it. Yes, yes too busy with work, kids, memorizing sports stats and what the Kardashians are up to!