Rep Barbara Lee Says Unemployment is Due to Republicans Not Investing in Job Creation

This witch, Barbara Lee, loves to point the finger of blame at the minority in Congress. Someone ought to explain to her that the demoncrats control the white house, Senate and half of the House. Lee clearly forgot how her party had a supermajority for two years and did nothing to stimulate or grow the economy. Instead they rammed a destructive healthcare bill through that is destroying the economy! Her Senate pal Harry Reid is too busy giving campaign funds to his granddaughter, bringing and passing frivolous bills in the Senate while torpedoing anything that has come out of the House for true economic growth.

This is just more propaganda to deflect from the truth that she and her party are race hustlers, enablers of welfare queens and the emperor IS the food stamp president! I guess she hasn’t seen recent figures on how poverty and food stamp use has exploded under this president and democrat controlled Congress! There is no economic recovery we are in the eye of the storm of a stealth depression. Facts never seem to matter just rhetoric that will motivate the uninformed voting class!