Valerie Jarrett Blatantly Lies About Obamacare Premiums: “Less Increase in Premiums Than Ever Before”

OMG where do I even begin to tear this vid apart?? Sub-President Jarrett like all regime members is a master of propaganda telling lies and giving so much misinformation to CYA Goebbels would be proud!

First off she says there’s a fee if you aren’t signedup? It’s no fee if you don’t signup, it’s a fine! You are fined if you do not submit to this TAX.

Subsidies, are funded on the backs of taxpayers aka wealth redistribution. There isn’t money growing on trees somewhere that is available for those who qualify to pay for this crap law. The costs have to be covered one way or another if you can’t pay then those you know are footing the bill!

Hardship waiver (exemption) is the only truthful thing she mentions but how many people do you think they are going to grant a waiver to? For the record you can claim just about any reason to get excused from this law but I’ve yet to hear about anyone having success with it.

The website is not in better shape and is why they have extended the deadline to signup/enroll into April on an “honor system”! To this day the back-end of the obamacare website, the payment system, is still not fixed!

And then we finally get to the biggest lie being shoveled by these monsters. Sub-President claims we’ve had “less increase in premiums than ever before in the last 50 years”. That is a boldface lie. I can’t even keep track of the number of reports out about people’s premiums doubling and tripling, deductibles skyrocketing and costs being so high companies have dropped coverage.

What members of this admin is doing by lying about this crap law is downright evil at this point.