Reid Rails Against Koch Brothers Again: ‘I’m Not Afraid’

Two rich oil barons (Koch brothers) trying to rig the political system huh?! Hey Dingy we like how you always leave out your billionaire pal George Soros! The same guy who collapsed 5 economies, who is rigging not only the American political system but the entire political system globally! Then there are your other “pals” like Mark Zuckerberg who is funding the lefts agenda to get amnesty through, or Bill Gates who is trying to destroy the education system pushing Common Core!

Harry Reid is by far the most despicable, evil, vile, disgusting excuse of a human being on the planet. This guy is partly the reason why NOTHING is getting done in DC. Next to obama he is the second most dangerous man in DC. America this is what happens when you re-elect the same people over and over again because you are lazy and ignorant.

Nevada voters what the hell is your major f-king malfunction? Many of you whine you want to see obama impeached but you won’t lift a finger recall Reid?! Seriously? FU Nevada I will never step foot in your state, buy any product or service from any business based there and encourage a national boycott against NV as long as you keep this SOB in power. This is why this nation is a Banana Republic not even the people will take action to remove the corrupt from office!