Rush: Drive-Bys Are Back To Anointing Chris Christie As The Republican To Beat

The crap media praised Christie then went after him during Bridge-gate now they are back to praising him as the GOP hopeful to run in 2016. Remember these are the same propagandists who bow to obama and Hillary, so why are they propping up Christie?! Aside from Christie being a “moderate republican” (closet progressive) they are most likely choosing the guy they have the least amount of fear of running against in 2016! Chris Christie is great for one-line takedowns of lib drones and union goons but that is about it. As I have said repeatedly here he is not a conservative; being pro-gun control, pro-amnesty, pro-climate change, an islamic sympathist to name a few are not views true conservatives support. Does it make any sense that the radical left is supporting a “republican” governor to run for president up against Hillary or whomever else runs? They can have him and hopefully we will have a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul conservative to put him in his place!

The governor is a RINO who speaks on behalf of the establishment GOP who are all RINO’s in bed with their progressive brothers & sisters in the House and Senate! He is actually democrat-lite as most republicans/ RINOs who lean true left but use true right talking points to make you think they are on your side. Was Christie on your side when he was all hugs and laughs with obama after Hurricane Sandy?