Race Hustler Sharpton Wants More Apologies From Issa

Uh oh I guess the race hustler is getting a little lonely and is taking shots at Rep Issa to up his ratings from 2 viewers to 4! IMO Issa didn’t have to apologize, he was clear Wednesday the hearing had adjourned but allowed Cummings to speak in what was thought to be a question that only led to a rant against the republicans and the investigation into the IRS abuse. The suggestion of proffer is all well in good but irrelevant seeing that last year Lerner waived her 5th amendment rights when she made a statement prior to invoking the 5th. This is why she was brought back to testify this week! Issa explained to Megyn Kelly he was within the rules to pull the plug on Cummings but facts don’t matter to the left who only have an agenda for a staged event!

Al could leave well enough alone expecting Issa to apologize for wanting to Holder in contempt, “cherry picking” info that obamacare website isn’t safe (which it isn’t per a hacker). But then he showed he is just regurgitating regime propaganda when he said Issa should apologize for wasting $14 million on the bogus IRS investigation! Hear that America this nut is pushing the lies that the hundreds who have faced abuse by the IRS are bogus! So all you groups out there that have been scrutinized by the IRS I suggest you start a little witch hunt for this SOB once and for all! Baldwin, Morgan, Bashir are all gone over their lies and poor ratings. It is time to put the final nails in Al “I use my own people to get rich” Sharpton pathetic tv career!