Rush: ObamaCare is a ‘Direct Wealth Transfer’

The regime is most definitely cooking the sign up/ enrollment numbers for barackobamacare. Govt Subsidies = taxpayer-funded. Those that have paid are getting subsidies paid by YOU! The uninsured are not flocking to this crap law it’s those who have lost coverage replacing what they had. This law forced on Americans is going to run the economy into the ground, no one can afford the premiums and deductibles that are much higher than what was promised. This law was supposed to provide affordable care and it doesn’t. Jobs are being cut so companies can afford the unaffordable law. As usual those who are fortunate to make enough money these days are being hit with high prices to cover the costs of others, taking fro the rich to give to the poor. People are good who generally will do this out of the goodness of their heart but when you have govt forcing that on peole then they poison everything where those that have will do everything they can to keep what they have and not help those in need. This is forced income redistribution by a progressive govt.