Allen West: Obama “Is The Biggest War Criminal In U.S.A.”, “The Half White President”

Allen West talks with The Shark Tank about his new book Guardian of the Republic. He was asked about the events in 2004 when he was in Iraq and how liberals like to bring it up to attack him for war crime which opened the door for him to lay into obama.

Hmm firing a gun to make a dirtbag terrorist spill his guts to protect your soldiers vs a potus who kills Americans guilty or innocent without trial using drones, leaves four men for dead in Benghazi to cover up illegal arms deals, sending aid to Syrian “rebels” who hate America… who is the war criminal???? I think West has obama pinned perfectly!

It didn’t end there though West also called obama out for his hypocrisy with the school voucher system and how he has been attacked by liberals for not being black enough while they’re “sucking up to the half white president”. West points out how liberals have done nothing for inner cities like Detroit & Chicago turning them into the new economic plantations…