Mark Levin: The Coming Economic Collapse

There is no one in DC heeding the constant warnings coming out of the financial sector about the unsustainable levels of spending and debt. They won’t even listen to the CBO warnings what does that tell you? They don’t care because they are making plans for a new system giving them more power and control (wishful thinking) while the old one collapses. Remember nothing ever goes according to plan for these dopes because they lack basic real world experience, everything is based on unproven theories.

Levin is right about the republican party playing on the democrat playing filed because the modern republicans ARE DEMOCRATS! Modern democrats are socialists (some most likely are closet communists), both are progressives! This one party rule has the nation on a destructive economic course that if we stay the course….

I think that ^^ might be what the Great One was trying to suggest as to what happens when the economy collapses which will lead to a domino effect with a collapse in society, collapse in the rule of law, etc. Why is it only conservative radio hosts are the ones putting these warnings out? Because the powers that be want the nation dumbed down completely dependent for whatever new system of power and control they will unveil. They actually think when SHTF they will be able to maintain a level of control when there is chaos in the streets! Their arrogance is going to be their undoing, where as the people’s ignorance and complacency will be their undoing! Throw them all out America before it’s too late!

CBO Dire Debt Warnings Show Nation’s Democrat Future
Big Government: The Congressional Budget Office warns of a terrifying, unprecedented level of national debt in the coming decade. That fits nicely with Democrats’ objectives, but not with our nation’s founding principles.

Andrew Jackson, who in 1835 succeeded in paying off the national debt, was famous for considering debt slavery. The current fiscal path the U.S. is on does indeed lead to slavery, but the slave masters of the future will be well-heeled politicians and federal bureaucrats, not plantation owners.

The CBO’s new budget projections contain an eerie warning that we are on path from today’s already unfathomable $17.7 trillion in gross federal government debt to more than $27 trillion in 2024. This in spite of finger-crossing projections of tax revenue over the next decade exceeding its 40-year average as a share of GDP.

Debt will reach 78% of GDP by 2024, CBO warns, which is double the 39% average of the past 40 years.
The consequences will include big hikes in spending on interest payments on the debt when interest rates go back up. That, in turn, would increase the cost of investment and “the capital stock would be smaller, and productivity and wages lower, than if federal borrowing was more limited,” the CBO warns…more