Clinton Praises “Incredibly Brave” Illegal Alien

Isn’t that like a Clinton to praise an illegal alien! Why didn’t ICE come in and pick this girl up by the way?

Ok first off this Nova isn’t an undocumented immigrant, her family didn’t immigrate here legally she like her family are criminals they broke US laws and are in the country ILLEGALLY. I find it shameful for her to slide in that she came to the US when she was 5, pulling that “against my will” “I had no control” card! Her parents knew exactly what they were doing when they came into the US ILLEGALLY from Croatia. How dare she play this angle as if we should have pity and just let her in give her legal status! Nova can cry a river about glass ceilings she isn’t entitled to anything an American citizen is entitled to. If she wants to vote and get financial aid to go to the “school of her dreams” she needs to go to the back of the line, apply for citizenship like all the other legal immigrants and pay some hefty fines to be in the US or get out.

Countless immigrants became Americans by the book like my family and I’m sick and tired of the pandering to illegals with sob stories. For every one of these illegals and their poor poor stories there are probably 10 legal immigrant stories that are the same if not worse! To the many of you out there I would encourage you to find out your families history, how they came to America and their struggles. Once you know that story you will feel as strong as folks like myself towards illegals looking to be rewarded for bad behavior! That is what they are looking for, to be rewarded for breaking the law.

Undocumented immigrant !@#$%^&*!