Rangel Charges TEA Party as Dixiecrat Racists Who Hate Obama

This guy is constantly calling the TEA Party racist, that they hate obama because he is black (which for the record he ISN’T), with this absurd comparison to the Confederacy and Dixiecrats without a shred of proof. If you ask me Rangel is a hardcore racist right next to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, period. There is no racism towards obama he got elected in a predominantly white country TWICE!!

Charlie let me explain something to you the TEA Party, right-wing and conservatives do not hate obama because he is “black” (again he isn’t). What you interpret as hate & racism is people who vehemently disagree with a man who by his actions clearly demonstrate he HATES the USA, our military and Constitution. He has no regard for the rule of law, abuses the powers delegated to him by the Constitution. The man is a certified pathological liar who deceived this nation to get elected TWICE, conned Americans to support the most destructive piece of legislation (obamacare) in US History. Obama has taken a sledgehammer to our economy leaving millions unemployed and in poverty, demonized success and wealth while he pals around with radical progressive successful billionaires. He has destroyed US relations with our allies around the world leaving us with little to no credibility where said allies do not trust us. And this is all for starters let’s not forget the class warfare and division he has driven between Americans setting racial relations back at least 10-20 years no thanks to monsters like you who have stoked the racial fires.

Race is not the issue Chuckles, obama’s policies, beliefs and radical agenda is what we “hate”. You of course have nothing to stand on knowing your boss is an epic failure so in typical fashion you must resort to charges of racism. It is insulting to Christians for you to claim you are a “religious” man expecting to meet St Peter, pass through the pearly gates, when you have played a hand in helping this president destroy this country while driving the racial wedge between the people with complete and utter LIES!