Rep Gutierrez Threatens House Republicans: “You Have 34 Legislative Days Left” to Pass Amnesty or Obama Will

Gutiérrez is clearly making a threat to pass amnesty or obama will, and he encourages the imperial president to act outside the powers delegated to him. This destroyer of the Republic has made one thing clear people should take very seriously that obama will take the law into his own hands if Congress doesn’t do what he wants. Obama has proven time and again he couldn’t careless about the rule of law. Put a custom made uniform on him and he is just like any other dictator in US history!

Now keep in mind as you watch this that Gutiérrez is also speaking on behalf of REPUBLICAN Paul Ryan! Yes I said it! Gutiérrez and Ryan have been working together on an amnesty bill for well over a year. This may be a shock to some but at least now you know and can understand why so many have turned against Ryan. Something happened to him after the 2012 election I don’t know what but it’s like the progressives got their claws into him as they did with Rubio.

Make no mistake undocumented workers ILLEGAL ALIENS cannot be permitted amnesty into the US. The only reason bobbleheads from either side want to pass it is because they want access to this new pool of voters. That is all politicians care about when it comes to immigration. What we will end up with is a permanent voting class that will lead to one party rule dem/progressives. NO IMMIGRATION/ AMNESTY bill of any kind can be permitted to come to the House floor for a vote. We cannot risk a vote because it will open the door going to Conference and back room deals.

America you FAILED to stop obamacare and you see what that has done. If amnesty gets through the damage will dwarf what obamacare is doing to the nation. No one is going to come along and do anything, so stop sitting around and waiting. You have to be that someone get active and stop ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY!