Sen Sessions: Why Are Democrats Catering to Big Business Over American Workers?

Jeff Sessions seems to be the only one who tackles the economic impact of illegal alien amnesty. Income is down, jobs are down, income inequality is on the rise because of obamas policies. The regime and democrats will demonize big business but then cater to them to push for amnesty! Why? Because they just want to build a permanent voting class, via illegal aliens, that will elect dems into total one party power.

Americans not wanting to work or refusing to do the jobs illegals will do is an outright lie. Businesses hire illegals because they are willing to work for very low wages which compared to their home country wages are extremely high! Illegals live in packs and share living costs. Americans do not live 2-4 families per household so no they cannot accept jobs illegals are taking. Does that mean minimum wage has tone increased? NO! The wages are fair the problem is illegals come here and drive them down because working for such low wages here again is extremely high to their native country!

Companies know this but they don’t care when they have taxes, regulations, EPA etc etc increasing their costs! The solution is two-fold: 1) shut the border down enforce the immigration laws stop creating incentives for illegals to come to the US 2) get govt the HELL OUT OF THE WAY of businesses. US corporations pay the highest taxes, have to hire people to make sure they are in compliance with the mountain of regs, have unions and the EPA up their ass 27/7. The environment is beyond hostile so of course corporations will go along with whatever is being proposed they want to stay in business!