“So What!”, Beckel Snaps Admits Benghazi is a Cover Up

Like I’ve said here a few times arrogant libs tend to be very truthful when they get on a roll or feel the lefts tactics are justified. Tommy Vietor did it yesterday and Bob Beckel did it today in following the announcement of a select committee to investigate Benghazi. When Eric Bolling yanked him back from some absurd rant using Hillary’s “what difference does it make” logic Beckel let loose saying “… So What! What administration don’t you think covers things up? Every administration covers things up… Who cares, who cares!?”

One last thing you should take notice here is the narrative now floating around this progressive repeats. All of the left is going around claiming the people do not care about what happened in Benghazi and that the story has been “overkilled” and finally republicans are simply using it for political gain!

Beckel like most of the bobbleheads pushing against any further investigation do not understand or want the truth out that the cover up was a cover up of this admin running guns to Al Qaeda! Aiding and abetting our enemies is treason and this administration is guilty of that… for the second time now. Will the select committee take any action against the admin? No, but maybe it will be enough to demolish any chance Hillary has of a presidential run in 2016.