CEO of Carl’s Jr: Everything the Obama Admin Does is Anti-Business

All the sane business owners and CEO’s have pretty much said the same thing “everything this admin does is anti-business and will kill jobs”. There are a handful along with the US Chamber of Commerce that go against this thought but let’s be honest they are in bed with the admin!

Anyone who has run a lemonade stand understands you cannot successfully run a business in this hostile environment where you have an admin spewing lies about promoting entrepreneurship and the economy while every policy they push results in the complete opposite. Puzder lists all the headaches business leaders have to deal with no thanks to this admin and Congress making it more difficult for the economy to get going.

“…when you increase people’s taxes you decrease the amount of money they have to spend. When you increase fuel cost you decrease the amount of money they have to spend. So you’ve got a president whose attacking the demand side which is business, he is attacking the supply side which is consumer spending and then he’s saying “why isn’t there economic growth, why aren’t you creating jobs”? So you can’t attack supply and demand and expect people to grow its just not going to happen and that’s the situation that he’s put us in.”

Can we please stop electing attorneys, “scholars” and the like and instead elect some sane business people or even former successful military leaders for a decade or two?! The economy is never going to turn around as long as we have a trained marxist in power who is appointing his ilk into positions of power and influence. His majesty’s legacy of economic destruction will continue long after he is gone unless we get some people into office that will ID and put it to a stop.