Victims Dad Lashes Out at Politicians Over Gun Control

America get ready because Richard Martinez will most likely be the new face of the progressives new attack on gun rights. I’m sure Bloomberg’s people are already in contact with him to use him as their new puppet to push for more restrictive gun laws.

FYI California has some of the strictest laws in the entire country way before other states, like CO & CT, jumped on the insane gun ban wagon! The killer jumped through every single hoop put in place by the anti-gun state legislature to purchase his three guns. All the media reports on this but they left something out that ONLY CA gun owners would be aware of!

You see on top of the 3 background checks, gun registries and the CA legal 10 round magazines the killer had to acquire a “Handgun Safety Certificate“! All CA gun buyers are required to take a test on gun safety to obtain a certificate (size of a driver’s license/ membership card), valid for five years, that must be produced in order to complete the purchase of firearms in California! You cannot, let me repeat that YOU CANNOT walk into a gun store/ gun show in CA to buy a gun from a dealer without it!

Again I understand Mr Martinez is upset and rightfully so, but it is not the lawmakers, the NRA or anyone elses fault the killer went on a rampage. This is a mental health issue not a gun control issue. I am still waiting to hear Martinez rant about the assault knife and assault car the killer used as well! Why doesn’t he talk about those weapons that also took lives? This mass killing is proof we are not safe even with the most stringent gun laws in place.

I can’t tell you how angry I am that this man, Martinez, is deceiving viewers. For the record Connecticut legislators did respond after Sandy Hook and passed laws that have made law-abiding gun owners into felons overnight! Colorado followed too passing new laws which have run companies like Magpul out of the state! Martinez’s rage should be directed at the lawmakers and leadership that DISARMED CA citizens, stripping them of their God given right to protect themselves! I will play “Monday morning quarterback” and say had CA not passed so many laws DISARMING law-abiding citizens, making it next to impossible to acquire a concealed carry permit and banning open-carrying many people (not just the victims from this recent mass killing) would be alive today. There are too many local stories being ignored by the crap media about how law-abiding armed citizens have stopped criminals.

The killer stated in his manifesto he would kill with whatever he had access to and carried through on those threats. If we give in and ban guns the mass killings will continue; again 3 were stabbed 2 run down with a car where one died! The maniacs in Boston made bombs because explosives for the most part are heavily restricted to only the military, law enforcement, demolition companies and the like! The average person just can’t go to a store and buy high explosives because they are banned! Explosives are banned, so evil doers use guns, ban guns they will find something else to use or make their own. You see America banning something won’t stop evil from finding a way to build their own or find something else to kill with on a mass scale! It is a fact criminals and insane killers target the indefensible, Sandy Hook to Ft Hood is proof!

An armed society is a safe society.