Dana Loesch DESTROYS Anti-Christian Leftist Bigot on The Kelly File

Well following her radio rant it looks like Loesch got one glove off and went at a privileged progressive dishing out some of her own medicine. The Benham brohters did NOTHING wrong other than express their Christian views who have been attacked viciously like clockwork by privileged progressives. I hope folks have noticed the dangerous shift that has occurred over the last year against anyone of the Christian faith.

Progressives have made created the narrative that if you are a Christian you are not allowed to speak. Christians like Phil Robertson to the Benham brothers are now deemed the enemy while the left embraces or ignores, depending on who is talking, radical islam! Christians ARE NOT homophobes anti-homosexuality, the left knows this but has made the conscious decision to turn them into the new boogeymen. Thankfully Loesch turn the tables on Ehrlich using her own logic charging her as anti-Christian bigot. This small attack proved to work because as Dana points out Ehrlichs voice was shaky! Folks I’m telling you to turn the tables on progressives they are not prepared to be attacked! This was a simple subtle example of how quickly you can rattle their cage! Don’t just fight them, take the gloves off and ENGAGE them!

Side note on Martha MacCallum: She needs to go! She cannot control liberal/progressive guests. MacCallum allowed this Ehrich to run her mouth which left Loesch no choice but to school her where MacCallum decides to scold Loesch for speaking her ground after being RUDELY interrupted by Ehlrich. Martha’s interviews tend to be quite “amateurish”, where you hear her “ohhh” “ahhh”, sigh, making all these sounds like the “clicking sound” one makes in disappointment, from the roof of your mouth (you know what I mean), as people talk being over dramatic at times and sounding quite unprofessional. There is a reason all the shows Fox has started with her as the host have gone nowhere!