Dana Loesch Epic Rant – Checking PROGRESSIVE PRIVILEGE

Dana like many conservatives has had it with the progressive privilege but she also expresses she doesn’t want to have to use the same tactics they are using. I say WHY NOT?

What is it with conservatives from Loesch to Hannity, Rush and Beck not wanting to take this fight to the progressives front door?

“Ooooh I’m against boycotts” “Lets be nice to them and talk it out” “I don’t want to come off mean or offensive so Ill just bite my tongue

Why is there this desire to play this game holding you head up high not stooping to progs level? You all realize that while you do that progs are KICKING YOUR ASS! So you hold your head up high… and tilted back from the bloody nose they keep giving because you refuse to battle them. This refusal also means you are enabling/ allowing progressives to dictate how this game is played! This refusal to take progs head on is in fact enabling the progressive privilege. Stop playing their game and start playing your game!

I made this video a few years back for this argument. People on the right are Clark Kent, proglodytes are the trucker watch the video and let it sink in real deep this is YOU!

All the arguments against boycotts fighting the left head on with their own tactics etc do not hold water anymore. Progressives know this but they also know the right is scared to fight back so they do it anyway! Cross the line America they cannot and are not prepared for in your face engagements. The tactics exist to fight them civil within the rule of law you just need to make the conscious decision to stop being on the defense, get on the offense but take it up a notch and engage progressives. They cannot fight the truth with their lies and deception. History has proven the deceivers, con artists and radicals go down in flames! It’s time to set them a blaze!