Order A Computer Online The NSA Intercepts It & Installs A Tracking Device In It

Like this is any surprise although I don’t see why the NSA would go through such lengths because when it gets to the end user they will gain full access and know whats on it, when and where! Our Constitutional civil rights are being trampled on day and night by the very people who enable the NSA! How does it feel America knowing Congress funds the NSA spying on each and everyone of us with our tax dollars? Where are the warrants to to intercept and bug peoples electronic devices? As Kibbe points out blanket warrants were one of the many reasons we went to war to gain our independence, thus the 4th Amendment. We got rid of one tyrant and now have an entire bureaucracy of tyrants!

When was the last time you heard anyone in DC thunder away on the NSA? Aside from the handful of rebels in DC who else in a position of authority is speaking out against this agency’s abuse of power? They seem more concerned about what law-abiding Americans are doing rather than the true enemies of the US. For the record all of this spying has done nothing to stop terror attacks. Where were they on Ft Hood or the Boston bombing?