Obamacare Contractors Spend Time Playing Games Barely Working on Your Dime!

While you work hard to make ends meet your tax dollars go to obamacare contractors who spend their day playing games. Who is to blame though, the contractors or Congress? Don’t get mad at these people they didn’t take these jobs with malicious intent to take money from the American people so they could sit around and play games. As much as we’d like to be mad at the companies they work for we can’t and we must put blame on Congress. Congress has stood by and done nothing to stop barackobamacare from being implemented. Ted Cruz and a few rebels in DC knew this was coming but no one would listen. We know how things played out last year to date which only proves how right he was! But where is Congress now? Now that Cruz s proven right why hasn’t anyone step forward to put a stop to this? No one is stepping forward about any of this corruption and waste of taxpayer dollars because they don’t care. DC destroyers are in election mode, holding onto their little kingdoms is more important than the destruction being leveled on our healthcare system and economy.

Majority of Americans won’t take notice of any of this and they will go to polls re-elect the people responsible for this nations coming downfall.