Hillary Clinton: No Reason To Continue Benghazi Investigation

Now a good journalist would have followed up and asked some harder questions but what do you expect from a network like NBC in the regimes back pocket! A good journalist would have asked why did you lie to the victims families and blame a video no one saw which has been proven now to be a political move by admin officials to protect obama’s re-election. Someday someone will ask this witch along with all the other progressives WHY Stevens was at a CIA outpost in Benghazi and NOT the US embassy in Tripoli! Hillary doesn’t want anyone poking around to find out her guy, Chris Stevens, was in Benghazi running guns to our enemies. She would prefer the back and forth over where she and hussein were on 9/12/14 and watch the bickering over the lies they told in the days that followed.

Up until last week Clinton’s argument not to move forward MAY have held some water but when that memo popped up thanks to Judicial Watch we learned the info being given to Congress was not the whole truth. The admin desperately does not want the truth out especially Clinton who thinks she is entitled to be the next DNC candidate if not potus!