Howard Dean: Republicans “Aren’t American” Should Leave the US

No one is taking anyones voting rights away! Dean as always is LYING through his teeth to maintain efforts by the left to keep voter ID laws from being passed. You will never hear a progressive makes these claims where there is anyone present to challenge them. All those people in attendance have IDs which are required for them to buy alcohol, cigarettes, rent/buy their home, get on plane, drive a car and the list goes on and on. You need an ID to do just about anything in the US yet lunatics like Dean never cry foul or racism over any of them. It is clear they do not want voters being required to have ID because they need their minions to keep them in power by voting multiple times. The SNC has written the book on voter fraud and they will do anything it takes to stop voter ID laws.

It is quite comical for a closet communist telling the republicans to go live in another country like Russia when we all know he and the SNC would be at home! Hey Howie the US IS NOT your country, because you and the progs HATE everything about it! If I’m wrong then why are you all trying so hard to destroy the Constitution, wreck our healthcare system and crash the economy (for starters)!? Why don’t you and the progressives infesting every dark corner of this country get the heck out!

FYI I have a simple solution I will be releasing on STR for this voter ID debate that will end it and anyone not getting on board with my SIMPLE SOLUTION will clearly be in favor of voter fraud! It is a no brainer and will immediately smoke out the fraudsters!