I don’t care who gets offended by what is suggested with the imagery here.
We are in the dawn of a new civil rights battle where the radical left and their progressive overseers are hell-bent on silencing their opposition. Those who claim to be the party of tolerance have demonstrated the complete opposite time again from their actions against Phil Robertson, the Benham brothers, private businesses, gun rights activists etc. The radical left and progressives will engage in outright fascist tactics destroying anyone/ entity, even the ability to make a living, who does not agree with their radical agenda.

Political correctness and liberal/ progressive policies are destroying this country. Those on the right playing nice, not wanting to stoop to the level of the left created this monster that is destroying the very core of this country. Had it not been for many of the things now deemed offensive by radicals this country wouldn’t even exist!

You progressives remind me of the Borg from Start Trek TNG. You work as one collective taking orders from the hive mind. No individual thought or personality, destroying everything in your path in the name of perfection; in your case the progressive utopian dream or rather nightmare! History has proven every attempt to usher in this dream nightmare has failed miserably in blood and treasure!

Well I am here to tell you in the words of Capt Jean Luc Picard “The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!”…