Nancy Pelosi: Families Of Benghazi Victims Have Asked Us Not To Launch New Committee

Really Nanzi? What two families?

Pat Smith, Sean Smiths mother, is on tv all the time saying the same exact thing DEMANDING answers. Ty Woods father, Charles, has done many interviews slamming the admin too. So is this “thing” suggesting the Stevens and Doherty families DO NOT want an investigation? They are the two I haven’t seen any family members giving interviews?! It is time to get all the immediate family members on official record NOW as to where they stand with the select committee and investigation. This will also give us a solid record as to who is telling the truth.

I find it hard to believe any of the immediate families do not want answers on WHY their loved ones were left for dead by this administration. Reports of a distant family member calling a congress member leaving a message isn’t going to fly. So yes I am calling Pelosi and that other congresswoman liars until we hear directly from the families. If the families are all in agreement that they want answers on Benghazi proving Pelosi is a bona fide LIAR then she should be forced to resign from Congress!

No one watching and/or reading this can say they would be happy with no answers as to who is responsible for the death of their loved one as a result of negligence or outright disregard! Show me a victim’s family who just accepted a one-sided investigation with more holes in than swiss cheese?!