New Benghazi Documents Reveal White House Hid Truth From Congress

What does this tell you about Congress? Not only are they impotent, inept and incompetent but also complicit through their lack of real action. They don’t even know/ understand the admin is swapping documents out hiding the truth from them where it took a court order through FOIA for the real documents to be released to Judicial Watch!

At this point even though it will die in the Senate the impeachment process should be initiated against obama. Speaking as a judge, not a opinionated tv host, Judge Pirro made the case through obama’s dereliction of duty and violating his oath (among other things) that he should be impeached. Maybe just maybe there are plans to impeach obama but members in Congress are waiting until after the midterm elections to see how things pan out and what the new Congress will look like in 2015.

As long as obama’s political bodyguard, Harry Reid, remains in power there is nothing that can be done to stop obama and hold him accountable for the crimes he is committing against this country. The Benghazi scandal will remain a right-wing conspiracy, no one will be held responsible for the cover up of a cover up let alone the running of guns to Al Qaeda!

Obama is making a mockery of Congress and our legal system, these new documents are proof of that. He and his regime are so arrogant they are now “cooking the books” by redacting information within emails to keep the truth hidden. WHY? If Benghazi is a nothing but a conspiracy WHY the cloak and dagger act?? Because of the gun running story which has yet to be brought to the surface! This is why Congress is inept and complicit, they know it happened they even spoke about it but are not running with it! WHY!!??