Rush: Global Warming Offers Obama Opportunities To Be Dictatorial

Global warming is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on man in history. The earths temperature hasn’t risen in the last 15 years yet leftists and progressives claim the planet is going to burn up. These scientists apparently never have biology 101 in high school to understand that without CO2 we are DEAD! Plant life needs CO2 to generate Oxygen for us to breath! Without CO2 crops we consume won’t grow either! They try their scare tactics about the polar ice cap melting when it has actually grown! These radicals use data collected over a small segment and period of time in which they plug into a computer model that tells them what they want to hear. Now keep in mind these are the same people who tell us it will be sunshine and clear skies where we are only to meet torrential rain or snowfall! They cannot do a 5 day weather prediction but we are to believe they can predict the demise of the environment?!! How does that work exactly?

Let’s not forget when all the emails among the climate changing scientists were exposed to be a pack of lies! That doesn’t stop the left from pushing the issue which is really nothing but an attack on capitalism. Cap & Trade is their solution that is nothing but a form of wealth redistribution. With their messiah occupying the white house progs have to ram their agenda through with the time he has left in dictatorial fashion. Obama will make some long-winded speech written by a bunch of bookworms who never held a real job scaring people and making claims that since the evil GOP and rich 1%r’s like the Kochs are enemies to the world. It will amp up his following to get drones into the voting booths for the midterm elections. Meanwhile the fascists and eco-terrorists will continue their front going after anyone who speaks out with a difference in opinion, because the “discussion is over”! Well they can say the discussion is over all they want these minority tyrants do not speak for me and neither should they speak for you! Climate changers don’t want to have a debate because they cannot defends their position. Just ask Al Gore, he has been dodging Christopher Monckton for years.