Chuck Todd on Obama’s Poll Numbers: Public Saying ‘Your Presidency is Over’

Oh boy the regimes primary propaganda network pushing polling data that will be dismissed. Polls the majority of the time tend to be skewed in favor of the pollster, but being that this is WSJ/ NBC it is possibly a solid snapshot of public opinion. Problem with it is the level of absolute silence from the American people.

This nation IMO has gone back to sleep into a self-induced coma. Emperor obama has beat this nation into the ground with his 24/7 assault on our economy, social services, rights and freedoms that this poll will have no affect as he goes forward. If anything he will do more because he can! He has proven he can bypass Congress with consequences so there is no fear even if his policies hurt democrats seeking re-election. Does anyone really think he will stop if the dems lose their majority in the Senate? Of course he won’t and he will actually accelerate his plans of fundamental transformation. This poll if anything is an indicator that everything is going according to his plans because even though you dislike and disapprove America he is still making permanent changes while violating the law!